Sunday, July 24, 2011 is the first day that same gender couples may marry in New York State recognized civil marriages. It is the day that the state’s Marriage Equality Act took effect. By 8 A.M.Sunday morning, nearly 200 couples were in line in NYC to marry. The first couple to marry in the City of New York was Phyllis Siegal, 77, and Connie Kopelov, 85. They live in Chelsea and have been a couple for 23 years. The number of gay couples getting married is increasing as more states legalize gay marriage. Couples across the country are starting to plan their weddings, getting together their caterers, finding venue ideas, getting their suits made, and looking for tent rentals cincinnati where they can host their reception. All they need is the state to legalize gay marriage. But as it already is in New York, couples are rushing to the alter.

It is expected that 764 couples will marry in the city today — a city record

Phyllis and Connie? You are probably thinking… where have I heard of them? Wasn’t there a film about them? No. That was Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in The House.

Today, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will officiate in his official mansion at the wedding of two of his advisors: NYC Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz, and mayoral policy advisor John Feinblatt. The two city officials met 14 years ago on a blind date, hit it off, and became a couple. They have two daughters.

Also, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, a rabbi at NYC Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, will marry two active members, Ann Macklin, 42 and Michele Trester, 44, in a Forest Hills (Queens) ceremony under a rainbow chuppah in Thomas Paine Park. The synagogue has also set up a booth across from City Hall to celebrate each Jewish marriage with singing and dancing and more.

Rod and Ricky wed in NYC (Foto:

Two newlyweds who made use of the chuppah were puppets from the hit Broadway Musical “Avenue Q.” Rod, a Wall Street banker puppet, and Ricky celebrated legalized gay marriage in NY State under the chuppah in shades of rainbow colours. Rod, operated by Howie Michael Smith, and Ricky, wrangled by Jed Resnick, gave each other a kiss, followed by a quick exchange of vows led by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum. Onlookers sang “Siman Tov v’ Mazeltov.” In Avenue Q, the two puppets meet through an online personal ad.

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  • I love that you posted this, but Larry misspoke when he called the couples it grants rights to as ‘same-gender.’ The law applies to sex, which is biological, not gender, which is social. A couple of the same gender, for example a transman and a cisman, could legally wed without this new law.