Ordinarily, I might have dedicated a post to each of these stories but it’s all so damned stupid that I just can’t do it one by one. The first item is “Black and Jewish” a video by Funny or Die featuring Bridesmaids Kali Hawk and Vampire Diaries Katerina Graham. As the name suggests it’s a video about being both black and Jewish. In effect it is complete nonsense.

This teaches us nothing about Jewish peoplehood or the forging of vibrant Jewish connections but is is a bit catchy, right? Right? Sigh. The Jews. They are SO awesome. So awesome in fact that Gwyneth Paltrow, after appearing on the television program, “Who Do You Think You Are,” has announced her decision to raise her children Apple, 7, and Moses, 5, as Jewish. Paltrow’s Father, Producer/Director Bruce Paltrow, was Jewish while her Mother, Blythe Danner is Christian. Paltrow’s husband, crooner Chris Martin is also Christian. Paltrow was raised both Cristian and Jewish and has dabbled in Kabballah. Apple and Moses are due to take their first Birthright trip in about 14 years. Stay tuned for that story. Uhm… yeah.

Speaking of Jewish children, Ivanka Trump recently gave birth to a baby girl and announced her name, Arabella Rose, on Twitter. Ivanka converted to Judaism prior to marrying Jared Kushner, owner of the New York Observer. Ivanka’s Dad is Donald Trump of course.

Then we have Larry David and the most recent episode of his hit TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm. The episode, titled “Palestinian Chicken” has Larry and manager/pal Jeff (Jeff Garlin) hooked on the chicken served at a Palestinian restaurant with an unequivocally anti-Israel ambiance. Larry spots a beautiful woman at the next table, and notes, “She not only doesn’t want you, she doesn’t even acknowledge your right to exist…. That’s a turn- on.” Sure enough they hook up and while having sex she screams “I’m going to f*ck the Jew out of you!” David’s episode has no problem conflating Jewish identity with Israel when, reflecting the conflict about the ground zero mosque, Larry’s Jewish LA friends protest the opening of a new Palestinian chicken joint next to a beloved Jewish Deli. Larry then has to decide whether or not to side with the Jews or with his new Middle Eastern hottie who has offered a threesome with her sister. I think we need to get Larry David to be the new head of the Anti-Defamation League. Other than that, this is all totally ridiculous, albeit very funny, and is proof positive that one need not be Jewish to enjoy secular Jewish culture.

Just sayin’ is all…

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  • Thanks for the update CK. On Sunday night, I watched the episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. It was PAINFULLY funny and irritating. It was sheer genius to relate the chicken shoppe with the Ground Zero mosque. L-O-L. And the “social assassin” sub theme was smart.

    But the fight over the kippah, the “no matter what” with the chicken loving rabbi, and the offer of the threesome with the sister had me throwing up a little in my mouth and hating that i enjoyed it too much.

    Larry David is the new Jew of America. He stands in the alley, potentially a peacemaker, between the deli-lovers and the chicken-eaters, not knowing whether to side with his placard carrying historical brethren, or satiating his appetite for chicken and the best sex he has had in his life.

    I HAVE EATEN at ZANKOU CHICKEN in East Hollywood and elsewhere (http://www.zankouchicken.com) and I Have eaten on Fairfax and at Nate&Als in Beverly Hills (i think that is where it was).. and I have to say… it is hard, perhaps, to choose between history and one’s appetite.

    Btay avon, baby

    • Dude, I’ve also eaten at Zankou chicken, though I admit it was over a decade ago. I still have the garlic breath, but it was good.