Ein Prat Fountainheads wish you a Shanah Tovah!

Dip Your Apple is the name of the latest video by the Ein Prat Fountainheads, a music group made up of Alumni from the Ein Prat Academy. If you were at The President’s Conference this past summer in Jerusalem, one of the hottest tickets included Ein Prat’s Dr. Micha Goodman making incisive comments about Jewish peoplehood with Sarah Silverman and Matisyahu. Its no surprise then that this video, a remake of Shakira’s hit “Waka Waka” contains a number of pop-culture references, from Angry Birds and Pac Man, to Star Wars and to a video by the group Ok Go. Oh, and Shakira herself opened the Presidents conference with Shimon Peres who, sadly, does not make an appearance on this video. Ok, enough of that. Watch the video, share it with your friends and do have a happy New Year!

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  • good song i like it

    i got one question who is the guy wearing the College of Charleston t-shirt did he went to the college of charleston or he got the t-Shirt