1024 Palestinian detainees are set to be released in the near future and Gilad Shalit is coming home in a deal brokered between Israel, Hamas and Egypt. Last night in Jerusalem, at the site of the Gilad Shalit protest tent near the Prime Minister’s residence, a spontaneous celebration erupted as people congratulated Shalit’s parents. Approximately 10,000 people in Gaza City also celebrated the deal in one of those rare occasions when Palestinians and Israelis celebrate together. Not everyone is thrilled with the deal though. Three members of Netanyahu’s cabinet, most notably including head of Israel Beitenu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, voted against it. In the past, some Palestinians released in similar deals have been involved in further fatal attacks against Israelis.

I am personally all in favor of the deal. It’s just that I can’t help but imagine that as you read this, someone is walking around Israel right now and they don’t know that they will die some time soon as a result of Shalit’s release. Who is it going to be. It could even be me! But one thing we’ve learned from these swaps. Someone is going to die. Sigh. Welcome home Gilad.

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  • This is a ridiculous ratio and not the truth.

    The ration is not 1:1027
    it is:
    the number of Jews already killed, maimed, and wounded : 1027 mass murderers, terrorists, and criminals.

    This goes against common sense and all studies done on negotiating with terrorists, including Bibi’s famous book.

    I’m ready to get into uniform and go into Gaza to look for Gilad, but not to risk my family for some quick (and temporary hug from the media).

    • The question is different. If it were your son who was captured, would you be willing to give him up so that these murderers would remain in jail?

  • I have to say, the list of people being released is awful to read. After a while, the people with one life sentence – that is, the terrorist pigs responsible for the murder of at least one individual – start to look like angels compared to some who are on the list.