Jewish Foundations can learn a thing or two from this video. The Clinton Foundation’s celebrity brain trust is already SO Jewy, it wouldn’t be such a stretch. Ben Stiller and Jack Black are unequivocally Jewish. Matt Damon isn’t Jewish but Sarah Silverman is and they were, you know. Sean Penn isn’t Jewish either but apparently he had a little something something going on with Scarlett Johansson (gross!!) – thank God that’s over. Honorary Jew status is conferred unto Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen for appearing in the recent Make Some Noise Beastie Boys video. As a member of the Saturday Night Live crew, Kristen Wiig is also surely an honorary Jewess, as is Kevin Spacey who hosted SNL twice and played Jack Abramaoff in Casino Jack. And Clinton? Jewiest President ever, right? Right? Now the question is what Jewish Foundations would you like to see implement a celebrity brain trust? What celebrities should be involved? What awesome innovative ideas might they come up with? One can only dream…

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