Holy shnitzel, am I exhausted.  This schmoozing is grueling, especially when on little sleep and in the Rocky Mountain altitude.  Who has energy for a lengthy recap (I recommend the #JFNAGA Twitter feed), here’s a quick photo montage.


Welcome to the exhibit hall!  Won’t you stay awhile?

“Facebook?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Facebook!”

Denver is known as the mile-high city, which would explain why I’m drier than a Bedouin in August.  Lots of water everywhere.

Fortunately, there are plenty of health tips available (like “drink 45,000 gallons of water a day”.)

Jews love chocolates.

If it didn’t happen on Twitter, it didn’t happen.

The NU Campaign, doing great stuff with socially conscious t-shirts.

Aren’t they cute when they’re plotting global domination?

Diwon and Y-Love from Shemspeed in all their coolness.

The secret to maintaining some semblance of Rocky Mountain awakeness:  coffee.  (WordPress is telling me “awakeness” isn’t a word; I fully believe that because I currently have none of it.)

Middle East thinktank guru David Makovsky interviews Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat.  The live-Tweets are buried somewhere in the internet.

Ok, I’ve been on my computer for over an hour.  The GA police now have grounds to arrest me unless I go approach someone I knew in Hebrew school 20 years ago.  Till later….

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Since making aliyah in 2006, Benji Lovitt has spent roughly every waking moment doing one of the following: trying to make people laugh, eating chumus, or writing about chumus to make people laugh. In addition to working with tons of Jewy organizations to promote Israel, Benji has performed stand-up comedy about Israel for groups including Hillels, Birthright Israel, Jewish Federations, and of course, at Jewlicious Festival. His perspectives on aliyah and life in Israel have been featured on Israeli television and radio and in publications such as the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and the Jewish Daily Forward. It is said that every time he calls CK "Mr. Jewlicious", a tree is planted in the Jewish National Fund forest. For a hilarious comedy show, contact him at [email protected].