In a surprising ad campaign, the Israeli government reaches out to the millions of Israelis who’ve moved away and asked them to come back. Among the messages: you don’t want your kids marrying Americans who don’t share their values.

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  • 2 million Israeli expatriates living in the USA? I don’t believe that for a second. That would mean 1 out of every three American Jews. Look around you and tell me whether that seems even reasonably viable.

  • On the record, consulate/embassy officials say 500,000 in the NYC area; off the record, they’ll suggest it’s as high as a million. Similar on-the-record estimates exist for southern Florida and the Los Angeles area.

  • According to Israeli law, all children of any Israeli citizen are also considered Israeli so it may be that the consulate is counting Americans who were born in America and have little to no connection to Israel as Israelis. There is also a population of Russian Jews who made Israel a stopover en route to the US and Canada who are also being counted as Israelis since they did receive citizenship during their brief sojourn in the Land of the Bible.

    I’m familiar with a number of Jewish communities in North America and I find it highly unlikely that one third of American or North American Jews are Israelis from Israel. I guess if you include their American children and the Russians who passed through Israel, then you get those kinds of numbers but I’d like to see how they come up with their estimates before I believe them.


    The kapos in the concentration camps were Jews
    who turned on their fellow Jews, in exchange for
    special favors. Obama and his administration, have
    consistently thrown Isreal under the bus, while
    campaigning for contributions from wealthy American
    Jews. The kapos were motivated by sheer survival,
    the American Jews who support obama,
    are motivated by greed, power,
    and what’s fashionable … even though they are being
    used like pawns by obama. All Jews should rally their
    support, and resources behind whoever runs against
    obama !!!

  • My kids are harassed at school for being Jewish by kids who’s parents HATE Obama. Maybe the kapos guy needs to visit the south. We are Obama all the way!!