It’s the same story every year – how do you spell Hanukkah? In Hebrew it’s easy – חנוכה – but everything Jewish is easier in Hebrew, especially if you’re in the land of the Jews where you can miraculously enjoy the eight days of Chanuka without reference to the overblown commercialism and oppressive ubiquity that is Christmas in the rest of the world. But have no fear, what Adam Sandler started years ago, and South Park continued, will go on for the foreseeable future as Jews everywhere, inspired by seasonal hits and the promise of YouTube immortality, present us with annual Hanukkah videos. Below is this year’s crop. Give the player a minute to load ok? Yokto is still in beta, but look! No scrolling! Enjoy.

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I am loving the The Kung Fu and Ballerina Maccabees. Not just because it was written by Jewlicious Festival alum Sarah Nadav; Not just because it was sung brilliantly by Jon Nelson of Eden Mi Qedem and not just because it was shot near Hasmonayim in Israel. It’s because it’s a cover of a song from Kung Fu Panda and I totally loved that movie. I’m not afraid to admit it.

Really enjoyed Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman’s retro 8 Nights. The pics of various ROIers were cute but would it be too much to ask for a little Nancy Sinatra, Go go boots and mini skirt action in the vid? That would have been totally appropriate. Totally.

Watch David Rael’s HANUKKAH SONG – Your Stocking’s Filled With Candy But A Pencil Sharpener’s Handy and wonder at what a clever and cynical bastard David is. And talented too, ok? Ok??

The Shlomones nailed it with their Hanukkah rendition of the Time Warp and their exploitative use of innocent children. The Magen Boys also exploited children in their video. And old people, and LMFAO (again) and Toronto. Are old people the new LOL Cats? Check out the adorable Happy Chanukah from the Los Angeles Jewish Home! Don’t you just want to hug them all?

No surprises from the Ein Prat Fountainheads with their Light Up the Night – awesome as always. No surprises either from the Glee contingent in New York, Maccabeats and Six13. I am really over this choir thing. That and Jew boy rappers – I’m talking to you Jew-Z! Well, in all fairness, Jew-Z listed his video as a parody. I have no idea what to make of Aish’s bizarre, oddly homoerotic Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages. Look, if YU’s Maccabeats can include women in their videos, so can you. What’s the worst that can happen?

These videos inspire cynicism and in one case actual threats of violence!! But before you freak out, let’s face it, Judaism ain’t pretty or jolly. And Hanukkah, while it commemorates an important period and events in our history, well, let’s just say that if the Maccabeats ever performed in front of Judah Maccabee, he’d promptly have their severed, clean shaven heads, placed on pikes. See, that’s what Hanukkah’s really all about – resisting the temptation to succumb to prevailing norms and staying true to our Jewish values. We do this by lighting our candles, spinning our dreidels and eating our doughnuts and latkes and not by turning Hanukkah into a second rate, Mosaic version of the Christmas orgy. Or whatever, enjoy the videos, what do I know.

Let us know which videos you loved and which you hated and why. Feel free to include violent threats!

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