For those of you that care, I’m sorry I didn’t post a 5th night of Hanukkah pic. It was an eventful Shabbat, big lunch, full of wonderful guests that stretched all the way into Havdala! We had kugel and vegetarian lasagna and, of course, those crazy injectable Roladin doughnuts that are still good a day later. But forget about me. Let’s talk about the Jews! Or at least read about them? Look at them? Yes? Great. Check out Hollywood’s Hottest Jews: Some People Are Just A Little More “Chosen” Than Others. It’s an imperfect list and some of the choices and omissions are questionable but… it’s mostly very hot.

In case that sort of thing is seen as crass, how about these 8 Animals Wearing Yarmulkes? Cute but you want cuter? How about Hanukkah cats? Or Hanukkah Facts from Hanukkah Cat? What if politics is more your thing? Current events? Then click here to hear Jackie Mason give Barack Obama shit for having a Hanukkah party 12 days before actual Hanukkah started.

Well, how about lighting the 6th candle? Hot, eh? There it is… with Bella and Margot helping out.

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