Is Netanyahu making an Ariel Sharon-like move to the center in advance of his reelection campaign? What might that mean for his coalition?

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  • What an embarrassing shanda Barney Frank is. Definitely bad for the Jews. Gross.

  • What a great politician Barney Frank is and has been, able to stand out year after year among his colleagues. I’m not sure how anybody can claim he was bad for the Jews, but whatever.

  • Yeah, because a man who ran a brothel, helped create and propagate the housing bubble and collapse is a great role model for Jewish pimps and loan sharks everywhere, not to mention his great objectivity and communication skills with people he disagrees with. Total F’in role model right there. There must be something in the Torah I missed.

    I CAN’T WAIT to find out what most likely illegal activities he was involved in that recently came to light, forcing him into early retirement. CAN’T WAIT! Jail time would be nice.

    • Seriously, this is why nothing can get done in DC anymore. As much as I’m pissed off at the Left, the Right has gone completely fucking bonkers.

      • Yeah, ain’t it just amazing how we all know soo much about each GOP candidate’s faith, sexual and personal history yet learned nearly nothing about the current president, whom you voted for of course, even with his connections to domestic terrorists and anti-Semites, including his own pastor’s church where he listened to anti-Israel and anti-American lectures for 20+ years.

        And even with mounds of evidence of Frank’s involvement with the aforementioned situations and with all sorts of tax cheats and philanderers spread across the Democratic Party, we on the right are totally fucking bonkers! You betcha! Honestly, you can keep your normalcy. Whatever it takes for you to sleep at night is fine by me. Suspend your disbelief there General Betrayus. 🙂

  • Yup, fucking bonkers.

    Besides, why are you blaming the media for stories leaked about Republicans by other Republicans who want to get the nomination?