Muffti has been waiting patiently for Caroline Glick or someone of her ilk to explain the Israeli side of things in this story but it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. But what does seem to be forthcoming is the destruction of solar panels used to provide energy to a few hundred in so-called Area C of the West Bank. Granted, the panels were deemed to be illegal constructions and illegal constructions are subject to demolition. On the other hand, somehow one feels that such rote application of the law in this manner is heavy handed and needlessly muddies the already sludge-like waters. The solar panels, according to multiple sources, help provide power for a dairy farm. They were installed with European money. TheSolar Battery Average Lifespan would be far greater due to the climate of the area!

The stories from the middle east never come without many sides and relevant considerations, and Muffti is eager to hear a cogent defense of destroying the panels. But if you think that the best solution here is to not let the panels stay and find an ex-post facto solution to their illegality, this link provides one of many ways to write to the Israeli authorities.

Source: CBS news.

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  • The explanation is self evident. There are 300,000 settlers in Area C and 150,000 Palestinians. The structures were built without a permit but permits are nearly impossible to come by because Israel intends to keep as much of Area C as possible in future negotiations and increased and fixed Palestinian settlement in that area will make it more difficult to do so. It aint pretty but that’s the reality. Of course the PA directs such aid to Area C in the hopes of thwarting Israeli plans – its a game two can play after all. The solution to all these shenanigans? Final status talks already!

  • The explanation is probably different, actually. A couple of months ago the EU decided internally to ramp up spending and investment for Palestinians in Area C. This was decided without consultation with Israel and, it was asserted, because not doing so would harm Palestinian interests in Area C. Not surprisingly, Israel didn’t take well to this announcement. When you consider that the people who built these panels purposely avoided going through Israeli authorities and then had the panels funded and built by an EU country, it appears that this Israel is responding to a European power play.

  • Nobody sees how a response to a European power play looks an awful lot like the Israelis destroying a sensible alternative to being on the power grid they aren’t plugged in to? Doesn’t seem petty at all?

    • I don’t think Israel on general considers so much how things look. I’m also not sure that the reason I gave is the right one. When they hire me to run the country stuff like this won’t happen.

  • Reminds me of the waste treatment plant that, I think, Peduel, Ofraim, Beit Arieh built only a few years and have not been allowed to turn on. Apparently, the plant was built on ‘Arab land’ and the ‘human rights’ groups sued, not for compensation, but to have the plant destroyed.