It started with a simple concept. A web site that presents old Jews telling jokes. Simple, straightforward and lacking all pretension, we immediately fell in love, as one old Jew after another shared their favorite jokes. Now the site has spawned a… a what? A musical? A comedy revue? This is how they describe it:

Created by Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent, OLD JEWS TELLING JOKES showcases five actors in a revue that pays tribute to and reinvents classic jokes of the past and present. Think you’ve heard them all before? … Not this way. The show also features comic songs—brand-new and satisfyingly old—as well as tributes to some of the giants of the comedy world and to the Old Jews Telling Jokes website, which inspired the show. If you’ve ever had a mother, visited a doctor or walked into a bar with a priest, a rabbi and a frog, OLD JEWS TELLING JOKES will sit in the dark, give you a second opinion and ask you where you got that. You’ll laugh ’til you plotz.

Yeah. They said “plotz.” It’s so over the top uncool, that it may very well actually be cool. Anyway, the show begins on May 20 in New York city and we are running yet another ridiculously easy contest – winner gets a pair of tickets to the show on the date of their choice. What do you have to do? Simple. Send an email to [email protected]. That’s it. The last contest we ran we asked you to put a specific phrase in the subject line. Many of you didn’t. So we’re making it easier. Just click on that link and hit send. Then we will run our randomizer algorithm which will randomly choose a winner who will for sure have fun with a friend at the show. In New York. Please make sure you can go ok? The rest of you, those of you too cool to enter a contest, or those of you who want to buy tickets, please visit the Old Jews Telling Jokes On Stage to purchase tickets or simply find out more about the show. Or whatever.

Again, the show begins its run on May 20 and we will choose a winner by May 19 so get those entries in! And don’t be a chazer – only one entry per email address ok? Ok!

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