Before I was taught in business school that it is important to have a little trade mark of sorts, I valued the importance of this small trick. For years, I not only have been meowing at people (try it, it’s addictive), I have also been ending conversations and letters with the phrase “Take care and be well.” The concept of “Be well” is something special that I learned from my absolutely astonishing sister, Jenny. She explained it in a way that made perfect sense to me, and I now carry on with the Appelbaum tradition (We also dance just as Katt Williams suggested, in case you were wondering).

To take care and to be well are truly meaningful statements. For me, part of well-being is taking it easy. Why? Because this is one of tenets by which I lead my life. I have been described as free-spirited and liberal in my thinking and it makes me feel at ease to just … chill sometimes. Not everything can be chill, of course, and there are times that call for professionalism and formalities. On the other hand, I genuinely see the value in taking things lightly when possible (If only I applied this to food).

Life simply contains too many hardships and tragedies: rape, death, terrorism, disease, starvation, homicide, car accidents, natural disasters, psychological disorders, animal abuse; people who are cheaters, liars, or thieves… just to name a few. Why add to the list? Why make life harder? Wouldn’t it just be better to take it easy? Some things can’t be changed, so make the best of those situations. Some things that can be changed, should be … what are you waiting for?

Israelis live in a hostile environment and whether they are consciously aware of it or not, there tends to be palpable tension and stress in every aspect of their lives. You know the “I am nobody’s friar” mentality? Well, there is some complex psycho-sociology behind it. You know how there are endless lawyers in Israel? Think about the implications of that in this type of society. It is an unfortunate feature embedded in the fabric of this country, and I wish it were otherwise.

All I am trying to say here, my friends, is that we should make our own lives, the lives of our loved ones, the communities around us, the societies in which we live, and even the lives of people who are up-tight and obnoxious, as light and fun as possible. There are too many things beyond our own control that force their way into our lives. My theory is not to let those prevent us (when possible) from enjoying humor or a small ray of light during uncomfortable, unpleasant, and even tragic times.

Be good to yourselves, and be good to others. Take a second to think before reacting: See the woman at the other end of the desk at the post office? You know, the really stunning one who is being snappy and rude? Maybe her dog peed on her favorite shirt this morning. See the bus driver in a bad mood? You know, the one who refuses to wait half a second for the old man trying to make the bus? Maybe his wife passed away. It wouldn’t hurt to say Thank you to him when you get off the bus. The opportunity for random acts of kindness presents itself with great frequency. Take advantage!

I know this has been a cheesy post, but get over it. There is a time for cheese, too.

Take care, and be well. Love, Dr. Mish Mish

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Dr. Mishmish

MBA, MA. Have more fun. Worry less. Laugh more. Be good to yourselves & others. Grow, learn, and develop.

The greatest risk in life is not taking one.