The group is called Tikun Olam. Their plantation is in a secret location in the Galilee, more or less near Safed. They say they have spent three years and developed a cannabis with many medical benefits that gives no side effect if a “high.” And this is supposed to be repairing the world? It’s like making a brisket without the love.

Sounds fishy… the consultant from Hebrew Univ is named Gallily in the Galilee, the head of development is named Zack, and the strain is called AviDekel. But it is true.

Avidekel has extremely reduced cannabinoids (including THC), and very high cannabidiol, or CBD. (Marijuana is an illegal psychoactive drug in Israel, but medicinal use has been allowed for 19 years). There have not yet been clinical trials in humans or Israelis, but Avidekel shows promise as a potent anti-inflammatory preparation for rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, Crohn’s, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, CBD has been proven as a reliable treatment for pain, and along with THC, provides an entourage effect for relief from more severe pain.

See the Reuters story HERE.

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