Here is a video slideshow of some great moments I shared with my classmates in the Sofaer International MBA at the Recanati School of Business at Tel Aviv University. We are a group of 40 students, from about 15 countries around the world. Our intensive year was thrilling and exciting, and provided us with endless opportunities. We traveled to India together, and all throughout Israel. Two thirds of the degree was hands-on, group work, active engagements with companies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and more. We visited businesses, universities, lectures, conferences, and network events. What I have learned is invaluable, especially regarding value: added value, valuation, present value, value chain, future value, sustainable value, created value… the list seems never-ending! My favorite value, without a doubt, is that added by double impact ventures. My teammates and I put together a few hundred pages on double impact ventures and business accelerators, thanks to a unique course called MBA Cares… The team, by the way, was one Jew, one Christian, and one Muslim. Please enjoy the video slideshow I created with my technical consultant, Brian of London.




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  • The slideshows really help people to view your presentation in an attractive way. It is something that you must do to get their attention.

  • I had been listening to Coldplay (Christian soldier music) earlier, hit mute, then unmuted my PC to watch your video, Michelle. So it was still running down my iTunes playlist, to a couple (previously forgettable) songs from X&Y, “The Hardest Part” and “Swallowed in the Sea”.
    All best wishes,
    Jay Trainor