Hey, bloggers. We gotta perk for you.

Or at least all you bloggers who still like to read books. You know those archaic devices made of… paper. The kind with pages. That you flip. With your hands. Remember those?

It’s actually my new book, Hot Mamalah. It debuts next month. It’s the perfect shidduch to my first book, Cool Jew. Now it’s a his and hers set. It wasn’t planned that way, but you can’t stop the matchmaking gene. (Blame it on DNA.)

So, if you’re a blogger and you’d like to check out an advanced copy of the book and potentially join what we’re calling the Hot Mamalah Blog Tour, drop your snail mail address by the end of the day Sunday — no matter where you are on the planet — in an email to hotmamalahbook (at) gmail. If you’re outside the U.S., include a phone number. (Regulations.)

Either way, we’ll get back to you with a “tour date.” And you can also ask us for an excerpt, a Q&A, or a handstand. (We’re really good at handstands.)

And just like that, we’ll send you out a book. Ol’ skool. Hard copy. (You know the kind.)

You’ll blog about it.

We’ll kvell.

(There’s no escaping DNA.)

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