Jewish spy stories, Edon Pinchot on being eliminated from America’s Got Talent, kids fight illness through adventure, and more of this week’s top stories from the Jewish world.

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  • Edon Pinchot was a great act on my favorite primetime show Americas Got Talent. I’m still a bit upset he was eliminated from the show with his amazing voice. I’m glad he got some much needed exposure which should help him get a foot in the door to a record deal or something. I never get tired of my favorite primetime show and I can enhance my TV experience watching this show using my Auto Hop feature to skip commercials. The Hopper’s Auto Hop feature still allows you to watch them it just takes the hassle out of manually fast forwarding commercials. You can still rewind back to watch them if you want, and the feature has to be enabled for it to work. I know when my coworker at Dish told me about this feature I was excited to try it. It’s been great not having to worry about skipping the commercials and it gives my remote a break.