I had a very interesting and meaningful Yom Kippur, thanks to the wonderful Chabad of Raleigh (special thanks to Rabbi Herman & his amazing wife). I was nervous about spending YK alone, but felt right at home in North Carolina. True, it was difficult being in services without my family, but I met a warm group of Israelis and Jews who made my fast easier (but not too easy – it’s not supposed to be too easy!) and more significant. Rabbi Herman’s sermon was inspiring and uplifting, and I hope this year I will be a better daughter, sister, friend, cousin, American, Israeli, Jew and all around person (starting…tomorrow).


Now that I have spent over 25 hours praying, and apologizing for all my sins and wrongdoings, it’s time to take a moment to appreciate what I’m not sorry about. It seems as though the world has gone mad: being patriotic is a political statement. Loving where I am from is wrong! I’m sure if I were Italian and openly stated that I love Italy, Italian food, people, language and culture, that nobody would consider that a political statement. I’m not Italian; I’m Jewish, I’m Israeli, and I’m proud. And I’m not sorry:


For being a Jew

For being Israeli

For being a Zionist

For being proud

For loving the US and Israel, and everything they stand for

For believing in a Jew’s right to build land in his or her own country

For not comprehending words like “settlement” or “oppression” the way you do

For expressing that Judaism and Israel are important parts of my life

For feeling a strong connection to my homeland

For getting excited every time I hear Hebrew outside of Israel

For instantly wanting to befriend, help, and invite other Jews and Israelis

For encouraging Jews to marry other Jews

(Yes, I just went there. Get over it)

For believing in Israel’s right to exist

For believing in Israel’s right, and duty, to defend herself

For having American, Israeli, Mexican, Italian, Irish, Lebanese, Indian, Australian, Venezuelan, Japanese, Moroccan, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French and Palestinian friends

(Yes, I have very dear Palestinian friends)

For wanting to raise my children in a Jewish home

For feeling sad when people are Jew-ish

For feeling lucky to be a Jew

For having a “Jewish mother From the UES of Manhattan” in me every once in a while

(Put your jacket on, it’s freezing outside)

For being pro-Israel

For not being anti-anything

For not teaching or spreading hate

For seeing the good in people from all walks of life

For being an unapologetic Jew.


In case you are dumb, blind, ignorant, in denial, or any combination, what I’m saying is just what Tzipi Hotovely from the Knesset has said time and time again: I am not willing to apologize for doing and standing up for what’s right.


Shabbat Shalom, and don’t forget: tizremu!


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