In a video released this morning, Samuel L. Jackson reprises his role in Jewlicious Festival alum Adam Mansbach‘s Go The Fuck To Sleep. This time however, Jackson and this cute little kid called Susie urge America to “Wake the Fuck up.

The video, also written by Mansbach, was produced by The Jewish Council for Education and Research. The JCER is the same pro-Obama super PAC funded largely by Alexander Soros, billionaire George Soros’ 25-year-old son, that produced Sarah Silverman’s most recent video against voter disenfranchisement.

Jackson and Susie bombard her family with uh… Dr. Seuss-y rhymes about Mitt Romney’s positions on Medicare, Planned Parenthood, student loans and jobs. Everyone gets it from Susie’s parents, grandparents, big brother and sister in a bid to ignite the enthusiasm that Obama’s candidacy inspired during the last election. Though really, aren’t they kind of beating a dead horse? New York Times columnist David Brooks declared that Romney was the “least popular candidate in history” and even the Jews are coming around, with 70% of registered Jewish voters favoring Obama over Romney who has 25% support. But yeah, whatever, it’s good fun and it’s so cute when kids swear. No wonder my sister never lets me babysit the kinderlach (Happy 6th Birthday Eyali!).

The video below is from the New York Post who jumped the gun on the YouTube debut. OK. The official video just dropped on YouTube, here it is: Gah. That wasn’t an official video and the NY Post page is down. Whatever. I’ll replace this when the official version is uploaded. In the meantime… There is an official Web site where you can watch the video with all the bad words unbleeped. If you want the safe for work version, check out Yahoo News (??) for all its bleepy glory! Below is the unbleeped YouTube Version:

Yahoo News did speak to Mansbach who had this to say:

“My hopes are that the video helps … remind people of Obama’s accomplishments and the stakes of this election, and galvanize people to get out and get active,” Mansbach adds. “Not just to vote, but to volunteer and organize.” … As for whether the spot will get any backlash, Mansbach is counting on it. “There’s always a backlash. To everything. And a backlash to the backlash.”

Man. I wanna party with Alexander Soros and the rest of the gang at the JCER. I mean, I’m Canadian, so what else can I do?

A peripheral question is, do videos like these raise the bar to almost impossible levels for Jewish non-profits hoping to use video to promote their agendas? For instance, remember the celebrity studded AJWS video from last year? Who can compete with that? Is cleverness and an animated robot going to be enough to get our message across? I don’t know… we’ll see right?

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