Boobies – a part of womanhood that I recently discovered and had the pleasure to participate in enjoying. I was always aware of them, but never got to know what it felt like to share the joy and power of that aspect of femininity, until about a year ago when I gathered the courage to go through with the surgery. It has been a fun and exciting year, and I still love them and take pictures of them all the time (for MYSELF, not for you, silly).

Women ask me about this constantly, and I always tell them: you do not need them. That being said, only you know what’s best for you. Everyone told me not to do it, but I did it for me and for nobody else, and I am very satisfied with my decision. It was not an easy one to make, and lots of concerns must be addressed, but thank G-d everything is sababa!

I spent about the same amount of money on the surgery that most women spent, but got top notch service in Beverly Hills. I got an average price, for a superior job and an excellent surgeon who truly takes care of his patients. How, you wonder? Wonderful friends in the Jewish Persian community of LA. Respect!

So, you are considering getting a breast aug… You have to ask yourself why you want it. If you go ahead with this decision, it better be for the right reasons. If you are not attracting men, it is likely not because you have small or awkward breasts. Also, if you don’t play your cards right, they will only attract the wrong type of man. Ask yourself if you have the self-control it takes not to be overly-flashy.

Also, it is a very difficult surgery to recover from. People take it for granted since it’s a choice, but truthfully – it is very painful and difficult, and chances of (G-d forbid) complications aren’t something to ignore. When I was in Los Angeles post-surgery, pre-Israel, it drove me crazy when my friends did not see the seriousness of this major surgery and its challenging recovery. If you can’t take the time off, and if you don’t have the support at home, this might not be the best timing for you.

There are lots of choices within the choice…silicon vs. saline, incision location, placement location, width, size…a good surgeon will go over all of them with you. Every decision I made was based on what would look and feel as “natural” as possible, given the circumstances. I recommend the same to any woman, unless she wants the attention I did everything in my power to avoid. To each her own… I’m not judging you, honey.

The worst thing about the surgery is not the physical healing, or the emotional stress my Moroccan mother put me through by completely ignoring me for an entire month, or the fact that I couldn’t go in the Dead Sea with my Taglit-Birthright group last year…None of that matters anymore. What matters now is the assumptions people have. Everyone assumes that a girl who gets a breast augmentation, gets it because she previously lacked male attention or has zero self-confidence. The amount I get hit on by men (and sometimes women) is exactly the same now as it was then. Many men genuinely prefer small breasts. In fact, a lot of men still tell me I should not have done it, but I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy (so long as you do not hurt yourself or anyone else).

So, I’m glad we’ve gotten close enough for me to feel comfortable talking about such an intimate and personal subject matter. But – it’s just between me & you, Jewlicious! I don’t want people thinking the wrong things about me…actually, like I always say, I didn’t come here to argue. I came to win. Winning!

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  • You know, Esther, an essay such as this requires photographic illustration.

    Purely for scientific purposes.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  • you know, themiddle, that’s an excellent idea. i am all about scientific purposefulness…but i will pass, this time. Jus’ sayin’ 🙂
    Hope you are doing well, friend.