This holiday video doesn’t feature any song parodies at all. It’s just a couple of gang bangers, Jaquann and Luis, making latkes and using off color language (heaven’s no!). But that’s just the way we roll, bitches! Based on my reading of Bubala Please and their corresponding facebook page, this is not the last we’ll see of Jaquann and Luis this holiday season. I have no idea what the purpose of this project is – the production values are quite good (read: expensive). I haven’t seen any mention of sponsorship by The Jewish Council for Education and Research, but one can’t help but note the influence of Sarah Silverman here, who pioneered Jewish content and uh… provocative language and subject matter. It’s not an interfaith thing because both Jaquann and Luis are Jewish. Maybe the message is that Jews come in all colors and ethnicities? I doubt it because the main characters are total stereotypes. I guess it’s just stoopid fun perhaps? I’m probably over analyzing this little bit of Hanukkah video goodness. Anyhow, if you’re at work, turn the volume down lest your boss think you’re goofing off and watching Boyz N The Hood instead of finishing up that spread sheet! Also, these guys swear. A lot!

Yes. This is indeed a product of Los Angeles.

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