365 days of Gordon-Levitt

People magazine is America’s most read American magazine. It prints over 3.5 million copies each week, and with pass-alongs, it has a readership of over 40 million. Half the stories are about celebrities, and the remaining pages are filled with feel-good human interest items. In addition to their coverage of Oscars and fashions, they also publish their “Sexiest Man Alive” issue each November.

This year, People selected Channing Tatum as its “Sexiest Man Alive.” People also highlighted the heads and bodies of 185 other men, including Chris Evans, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, Michael Buble, Michael Strahan, Michael Weatherly, Michael Ealy, Michael Bolton, Michael Cera, Michael Phelps, Mitt and Barack.

I admit it.. I am a parochial reader. How many of the chosen were of the tribe? 15.

Fifteen? Well 15, bigger than a minyan, is better than none or one. Actually fifteen is not too bad at all. Just think if you were North, East, or Southeast Asian. People magazine chose only one: John Cho.

Who can we celebrate as getting the nod from People’s editors? Jake Gyllenhaal (films), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (films; HitREcord), Joshua Bowman (Revenge), Tony “Gelbfisz” Goldwyn (films), Max Greennfield (New Girl), Paul “Rudnitzky” Rudd (films), Adam Levine (music), and Alex Karpovsky (HBO Girls; The Hole Story). For its section on 50 grey haired men, People’s editors included Ron Perlman, Jon (Leibowitz) Stewart, Rahm Emanuel, Ben Stiller, Donny Deutsch, Harrison Ford, and Jeff Goldblum. Two others of Jewish ancestry are in the mix as well, but they don;t identify as MOTB’s.

LL Cool J, Brian Austin Green, SNL’s Seth Meyers, and HBO Girl’s Adam Driver have all played in Jew-face, but are not actually of the Jewish faith. Weirdly no men of Jewish heritage were selected for the hairy men with facial hair section.

Mazel Tov to all those anointed.

Oh and here are some pics:

Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum with funny looking scarf

Alex Karpovsky, filmmaker, helmer, and actor

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  • Oh! You also missed Skylar Astin, Don Diamont, Adam Brody, Eric Dane, James Franco, Joaquin Phoenix, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

    David Eigenberg was raised Christian, I guess you meant that. Matt Lauer is another one who’s Jewish from his father’s side, like Eigenberg, as is Sean Penn. And there are a couple of “quarter Jews” (as Tony Goldwyn is, btw), Zac Efron, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, and Robert Downey, Jr.

    Any way you look at it, it beats 15! I think there is enough for at least two minyans here.

  • I noticed something too about this topic on another blog.Amazingly, your linear perspective onto it is diametrically opposite to what I just read before. May I post part of this on my page if I post a mention of the this site?