In the second installment of Bubala Please we find our homies Jaquann and Luis back with a vengeance! You think their first Hanukkah video was sacrilegious what with all that motherfucker this and motherfucker that? Ha! You ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen a couple of Jewish gangbangers decorating their, get this, Hanukkah Bush! And if that wasn’t enough, they said a Shehechiyanu blessing over it while accompanied by a couple of writhing hood rat chicas!!! And if that wasn’t enough, they actually used the actual name of God in the prayer. I mean everyone knows you don’t say a bracha on a friggin’ Hanukkah Bush!

Because there’s no such thing as a Hanukkah Bush in Judaism. Even one decorated by Jewish symbols like a Chai, a siddur, a Magen David and a uh… Mercedes Benz hood ornament. In fact, the very idea of a Hanukkah Bush, with its roots in Diaspora Judaism situated Christmas envy, is the antithesis of what Hanukkah is all about. Had Jaquann and Luis tried to pull that Goy jonesin’ shit in the days of Judah Maccabee, they would soon have found themselves impaled and their heads on display at the top of a long pike.

And maybe that’s the point of this video? I can’t imagine anyone seeking to glorify or emulate Jaquann and Luis. Sure, we’ll laugh at them – they’re patently ridiculous stereotypes after all! But the joke’s on us because Jaquann and Luis are merely mirror images of a Jewish community that infuses the celebration of Hanukkah with so much narishkeit, that the holiday, at least in America, has become the opposite of what it was supposed to be, a parody of itself. If Jaquann and Luis are ridiculous, we are doubly so. So go ahead and laugh American Jews. The joke’s on you.

And if you see the angry ghost of Judah Maccabee moping around, well, I’d fucking run if I were you.

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  • Agreed. If the first was cute, the sequel sucked. We got it. People cursing and pretending to be Jewish only goes so far. Lazy comedic writing.

    • Actually, they are Jewish.
      Sorry not everyone is machmir as you’d like. Get a grip. It’s a Youtube video for crap’s sake.

  • I laughed. Much more entertaining than most of the “Hanukkah” videos out there in 5773.