This video is described quite simply as follows: “A shiksa tries to celebrate Hanukkah with her Jewish boyfriend and things go awry.” To say the least. This is funny but if you’re looking for a feel good approved video, well… this ain’t it. The ostensibly Jewish boyfriend isn’t really very Jewish and even then, he has issues with his Christian girlfriend. As for the Girlfriend, she’s obviously not very religious – I mean she’s in a relationship with a man whose people killed Jesus, but even then, it’s clear that in her heart of hearts, she wants to change him. Is it any wonder that some statistics show that fully 75% of interfaith marriages end in divorce? What does that say about the state of the Jews and their 50% + interfaith marriages? Let’s just say that if you start a law practice specializing in family matters for mixed marriage Jews, expect to make a butt load of cash. I’m not judging mind you – it’s just the stats talking here, ok?

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