Terrorists deserve migraines.  I have been fighting migraines for almost ten years. My most recent was one of the worst.

Laying in bed, my head pounding, eyes aching, stomach burning, neck stiff as a rock. I have shooting pain from the back of my eyes to the back of my neck as this is one of the most intensive, unpleasant, miserable migraines I have ever experienced.

Part of this surely is caused by stress, but it could also have been triggered by the vomit-inducing work out from the morning (maybe I pushed myself a little too hard!).

Here are five useful tips for those of you who are unfortunate enough to experience migraines such as these :

1. Drink Water. You may be dehydrated, and even if you’re not, water is so important and most people don’t  drink enough every day. Research how much you should be drinking vs. how much you actually drink – you may be surprised.

2. Relax. There is much power in telling yourself you feel fine. This is a trick my Grandma shared with me when I was a little girl, and it has been a reassurance throughout my life. Freaking out makes everything worse, so don’t do it. Try a bath with some lavender oil and candles- a little romantic relaxation for one (or two!).

3. Drink Caffeine. Careful with this one, as it can actually be a trigger for migraines for some people. Only you know how your body works, but for many people, myself included, caffeine soothes headaches and migraines.

4. Take a Hot Shower. This might help your muscles relax, and also helps expand your blood vessels. (They don’t call me Dr. MishMish for nothing, folks).

5. Go to Sleep. If you are in a location that does not allow it, try to get to one as soon as possible, or nap if appropriate.

The pain of a migraine is challenging and unfair. I wish this painful experience upon nobody… Except for terrorists…and evil people who hate puppies.

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