Below, please find raw notes I took from Rabbi Shmuley’s lecture given on March 7, 2013 at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, at a Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) event put together by Arie Lipnick. I believe he beautifully defined what it means to be a republican, while stretching the traditional beliefs of what it means to be a Jew.

The following are quotes:

We all seek dignity through self reliance.

I’m not someone who believes in faith… That’s something I as a Jew reject utterly.

I believe an effective government facilitates and maximizes human potential.

I make my kids work for things, because I want them to discover their own potential.

Redemption must always come from our own devices.

That’s what we Jews recognize on Passover.

(Greatness happens) When nobody is better or lesser; When nobody is superfluous, and we want to be a compassionate society. One that is charitable and just, but with balance.

Women understand and agree: we want a man with a plan. A man who can feel dignified.

If you’re a Jew and you don’t understand that this (the United States) is the greatest country in the world, then you’re ignorant.

Instead of four years of college, this country needs three years of college and one  year of national service: military, teaching nutrition, volunteering in an old age home…

Altruism: America needs it. Obama isn’t asking what “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” as John F. Kennedy once presented.

Is it right to leave our children with debt? This is a moral question.

There are religious and secular extremists. Anyone who doesn’t use his or her brain is dangerous. People should be defined by their essential values.

Two favorite words : Rugged Individualism.

Every Jew is responsible for one another.

So every American is responsible for one another.

As a Jew, I believe President George Bush was the best friend Israel ever had. He held the deep belief that Israel simply had enough bullying.

I consider settlements heroes. They make the most dangerous parts of the desert flourishing neighborhoods… Those who blow up kindergartens and pregnant women celebrate , and Israeli “settlers” are told there’s no peace because they live on that land. There’s no peace because of nuclear weapons, because of terrorist organizations, because of world pressure, because of silence of Jews world wide.

Hamas received more per capita aid than anyone else.

Reminded of words from Mordechai to Esther : stop trying to save your own skin. Jews will always achieve salvation, but you (we) have to stand up.

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  • The real reason the Christian right supports Israel is because they think the Rapture is going to happen there . Furthermore, I will never trust the right after all the years they subjugated us. Now they want to come back smiling, calling us friends, I don’t buy it for one second.