When learning the basics of Judaism, one ought to, ideally, get one’s information from a Rabbi, right? But Rabbis are, you know, sometimes a little dry. Or when they talk to you they have that sing song, Old Testament voice peppered with “Thous,” “Thees” and whatnot. Not very inspiring – like the voice version of Ambien. What Rabbis and the realm of Jewish education can probably use is, uh, gangsta rap vibes. For the kids. The kids love all that rap stuff right? Yo, yo, yo! And so we present episode 8 of Bubala Please, a Web series hosted by Jaquann & Luis, a couple of Jewish LA gang bangers, featuring Fred Melamed as the Rabbi.

OK so Melamed isn’t really a Rabbi. He’s acted in a number of Jewy roles but, yeah. Not a Rabbi. And Jaquann & Luis are as Jewish in real life as their Sabbath info is halachically correct, but whatever, it’s all in good fun. Right?

h/t JewTube

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