weiner2Writers at David Letterman and Heeb Magazine have already created lists of alternative online-sexting names for former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner. He had been using the name “Carlos Danger” when sexting with Sydney Leathers, 23, a slightly naive, tattooed, high school dropout who is a political blogger in Indiana and Illinois.

Carlos Danger was either made up by Weiner or he borrowed it from “Nick Danger,” the tough detective character on the Fireside Theater political-comedy record albums that political wonks enjoyed decades ago.

Which brings me to Weiner’s childhood, which I believe is the root cause of his abnormal behavior. Specifically the name he was given by his parents – Anthony – and how he chose to use it. The middle child, he was given a name more associated with Italian-American New Yorkers, than his brothers Jason Weiner and the late Seth Weiner. In the mix of NYC ethnic politics, Weiner made sure to be ambiguous on his ethnicity in early political races to garner votes from those who might be attracted to guys named Anthony. The name “Anthony” let Weiner think that he could obfuscate and be “loose with the facts” in his political career.

After he admitted to sexting, Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011. When he announced his mayoral candidacy in 2013, and said that other pictures or text messages were out there and might pop up, most voters assumed he meant from his antics prior to 2011. It was assumed by most that he was not still sending fresh pics and sexts as last as Summer 2012.

Weiner appears incredulous that people did not realize or understand that when he stated that more sexts were out there that he meant that they were from just a few months ago. It was this “Anthony cloaking device” syndrome that I think led him to believe that he can be vague and still succeed. He can pretend to be Italian by highlighting “Anthony”; he can marry a Moslem and be vague about the religious practices that family will follow (not that it matters); he can sext but be vague about the dates.

Psycho-babblers are blaming this on sex drive, depressions, marital strife, confusion, brain sex receptors, and endowment overdive. But I blame it on giving him the name “Anthony.” It is akin to naming a boy, Sue (h/t to “A Boy Named Sue” poem by Shel Silverstein, and the song sung by Johnny Cash). As noted in the Talmud (Berachos 7b), a name has an influence on the person. It sort of puts the SHeM in the NeSHaMah. (see also Psalm 46, line 9 and translate ‘desolations’ as “names”)

I don’t recommend that you look at this, WARNING — but this is the alleged pic that brought down his recent poll rankings. Source: Breitbart smart phone picture via Sirus XM Opie and Anthony show via Gawker.

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  • You know, he wouldn’t be in half as much trouble if he had chosen a more relaxed moniker. Such as, um, The Middle.

  • On July 29, 2013, a columnist of the NY Daily News asked candidate Anthony Weiner if there was anyone that he is CURRENTLY sexting with.

    He replied that, “You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we’re talking about is over a year ago.”

    OMG. that is called an ambiguous answer.

    The answer should be NO, but instead he says “what we’re talking about…”

    oh.. poor anthony. he obviously has not stopped this addiction… he needs rehab