Levine Accepts Award

Levine Accepts Award

People Magazine named nearly a dozen Jewish men as being among the sexiest on the planet Earth in 2013. Adam Levine was named the sexiest, as was reported by Jewlicious.com last week.

In terms of racial or ethnic afiliation or categorization, of the over 125 men that were listed, about ten are of recent Jewish heriatge or identify as Jewish, one is Asian-Indian, one is Asian, and fifteen are African American.

Joining Adam Levine are Liev Schrieber, Tony Goldwyn, Roman Farrow (if Woody Allen is his father (not)), Andy (Marrow) Samberg, Seth (Belogus) Rogen (his parents met on a kibbutz), Andrew (Hillman) Garfield, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Nate Berkus, Scott Wolf, and Paul (Rudnitzky) Rudd.

Adam Levine Accepts The Award The Allows People Magazine to Sell More Newsstand Copies and Perpetuates a World Based on Appearance. He Especially Thanks His Jewish Father.

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  • You missed some: James Wolk, Robert Kazinsky, Adam Brody (who all have two Jewish parents), Daniel Day-Lewis (Jewish mother), Josh Bowman (Jewish father), Gavin Rossdale (Jewish father), Simon Cowell (mostly Jewish father), and Jack Schlossberg (Jewish father, although raised Catholic).

    Tony Goldwyn just had one Jewish grandparent, and there were a few others on the list with that background: Chris Pine, Bruno Mars, David Beckham, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.