muroffcashWhat gives? Every media outlet is just dumbfounded and amazed that a rabbi in Connecticut who purchased a desk online and found money in it, was honest, and he returned the cash discreetly (well as discreet as you can be with a camera)

Rabbi Noah Muroff, a teacher at Yeshiva of New Haven, was in need of a desk and saw one he liked on The seller was asking $250, the rabbi offered $150, and the seller accepted. When he got the desk home on Labor Day – just days before Rosh HaShana – he found out that it was one inch too wide to fit through a door; so he and a friend began to take the desk apart in order to fit it through his door.

That is when they found $98,000 in a plastic shopping bag.

Muroff, a graduate of Loyola College of Chicago and Yeshiva Beis Tisroel, has been teaching in New Haven for over four years.

Upon finding the bundled $100 bills, Muroff and his wife called the seller at 11:30 PM (recorded it on their cell camera) to inform her of their find.

Muroff along with his wife and their four children returned the money to the seller. The children were brought along to teach them a lesson in honesty and ethics. The seller – who returned the purchase price of $150 – asked to remain anonymous.

The seller stated that the cash was an inheritance that she hid in the desk and then lost. She thought it was somewhere else in her home. (Because it is normal to store $98K in a shopping bag in your home and misplace it and not go insane searching for it)

Rabbi Muroff decided to share the story with the press as a lesson in ethics, and it has gone viral. “We’re here [New Haven, I assume ed. note] to serve God and to be kind to other people,” Muroff said. “It should be a lesson for people on how we need to act, what we need to do in life, what our priorities are.”

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  • Thank you, Rabbi Muroff, for doing the right thing and for demonstrating to your community, your family and the world what it truly means to be a role model.


  • While the story is touching, and its a great implementation of the Baba series, the photo taken out of context makes us look bad.