Matchmaker, matchmaker, save the Jewish people! Jews of Los Angeles, stop making excuses for dating and marrying non-Jews. There are over 650,000 Jews right here in LA. Let’s say about half of them (325,000) are the right sex for you. Let’s say there are five different age ranges, leaving 65,000 options for you. Out of 65 thousand choices, there’s got to be one who you’re compatible with on core levels.

How do you find love, if you’re looking for it? JDate? Tinder? Jewish events and parties? Friends of friends? Speed-dating? All of the above? I’m here to tell you there’s nothing wrong with any of that, but when you’ve exhausted your resources, or if you want a more personal experience, consider using a matchmaker.



Jenny Apple Matchmaking offers personalized services that are “handpicked” for you (get it?). Curious to learn more? Check out Jenny’s responses to my questions:


1. What made you want to be a matchmaker?

“Two main occurrences: First, so many friends and acquaintances kept asking me to set them up since they know I have a large network. Secondly, seven months ago, I set up my first couple! They are so happy and so good together. She just moved in with him this week and I’ve never felt so fulfilled”


2. What’s your favorite part of matching people up?

“Bringing two people together who otherwise would not have met, and seeing them add to each others’ lives. I love getting to know new people, and am passionate about researching about love, dating, and marriage”


3. What type of clients are you looking for?

“People who are ready to meet the last person they will date – their soul mate! People who are open-minded, successful, and interesting; individuals who have a lot to offer to someone else”

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4. How do you know the key to a successful match?

“Love is not a science, but there are compatibility factors that effect wether two people will succeed. After asking the basic questions, we delve deeper and figure out why you do what you do or love what you love. What are your most important values? What is your lifestyle like? How could another person be complimentary to that?”


5. What are your favorite LA sexy date spots?

“I must say LA is an amazing city because of its diversity. I recommend anything from simple drinks at Moonshadows or The Sunset Restaraunt in Malibu, to downtown rooftop adventures (like ping-pong at The Standard), to secret hole-in-the-wall jazz nights. I also really love bringing out the inner-child of my clients and suggesting White Castle in Sherman Oaks”


6. What’s the best advice you can give about making relationships work?

“The first step is knowing yourself and being ready for lasting love. The second step is learning more about the person you’re on a date with and seeing them in different circumstances, fully understanding their character. Having aligned long-term goals is key. Once you learn enough about how that person treats you and others, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and put that person’s needs before your own. This is just the beginning, and relationships take a lot of work, but when you’re with someone who brings out the best in you and vice versa, it should be easy to have fun with that person”


7. What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Rabbi Manis Friedman says relationships work best when you put your partner’s needs before your own”


8. How can people sign up?

“By filling out this form!”

You’re smart enough to know good things happen to those who make it happen. Have you used a matchmaker in the past? Share your experiences!Healthy-Relationship2

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  • With all due respect to the writer of this article, I did give a Jews a chance; in all the years I was in the dating scene before I met and married my spouse (a non-Jew), only ONE Jew asked for my phone number; ONE! And guess what? No phone call.

    If you’re a Jew with the misfortune of not being attractive to other Jews, what do you expect a person in such a circumstance to do? Just crawl under a rock and die alone? Maybe for some that is a viable solution, but NOT FOR ME!

    I know there are many in the Jewish community who take offense at Jews marrying outside of the faith. It was not my plan to do it this way, but for me, this is the way it turned out. If others choose to take offense because I chose love instead of loneliness, than so be it.

  • Shameless ad. Not what I expect on Jewlicious at all. Notice the fine print on the website: “The Fee shall be a one (1) time upfront payment of $1,800.00. Without exception, the Fee shall be due immediately upon the signing of this Agreement. The Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.” I would say that you can save your $1800 and are better off:

    Volunteering at non-profits helping the world
    getting involved in Jewish programming
    making pot-luck shabbat dinners for friends

    If you must pay a matchmaker – do it after they have made the match, and there is an engagement, like in the old days.

    • Mindy, I don’t know anything about this post but I have to agree with you about your concern regarding how the process seems to work with this company.

      When you fill out a form on that site, you agree to the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions require an upfront $1800 payment. The terms and conditions page outlining the fee does require a “signature” but presumably that requirement is met when the person fills out a form after reading that by filling out any form on the site he or she accepts the terms and conditions. I can’t imagine this is really how they operate (who would agree to pay $1800 just for filling out an inquiry form on the Internet) but if so, it seems to me to be a little shady. Perhaps they or the post author can clarify?

      • I wouldn’t say it’s shady per se. You don’t have to pay the $1800 if you don’t want to. There are loads of matchmaking services that charge more and ultimately I am certain that most people do their homework before plunking down that sort of cash. As I understand it, most of these services are driven by word of mouth rather than by someone happening upon the site and deciding on the spot to part with 1800 smackeroos. I mean I sure wouldn’t! That having been said, yes Mindy, this is an atypical Jewlicious post but just as Esther is free to post this, we’re free to discuss the subject’s business model!

  • Stop being so racist.
    Jews can also embrace the vibrancy of multiculturalism!

    • Of course they can Bertekk! I have friends of ever nationality and every religion. But I’ll only marry a committed Jew because I want to preserve my religion and culture. It has nothing to do with race. My future wife can be any race, even Ashkenazic! So yeah. Take a chill pill there…

      • Thanks so much for this wholly appropriate response. I’m sick to death of being accused of RACISM (really!?) for my wanting to marry a Jew. I don’t really care WHAT COLOR JEW, he just has to be a Jew. Non-negotiable!!