You know that thing where you complain about #FirstWorldProblems? Yeah, don’t do that. I get it, your life is not perfect. My life isn’t, either: my career has been a roller coaster and my love-life leaves a lot to be desired. I got #99Problems – who doesn’t? I’m not where I thought I would be by now… even though at age 26 I bought a car on the 26th of September, for $26,000. Which is cool. It’s a convertible – just sayin’.

It’s understandable to feel down at times: we are living in a world where terrorists take the lives of countless innocent civilians, trucks run into and kill tens of people, ships full of students sink in the ocean, and women get raped and blamed for it.

None of us know when the precious gift of life will be taken from us, and it feels unfair how much is out of our control. I too have experienced cruelty: I’ve been a victim of abuse, antisemitism, and trauma; and seen disease in my home, death in my circle of friends, and true poverty worldwide. But these eye-opening experiences have left me with a clearer understanding of priorities and a deeper appreciation of how blessed I am.

For all the pain and hardship, there is just as much beauty and wonder in the world. In spite of my life’s imperfections, I’m happy because I choose to be. I do things I love, with people I love. Giving to others is one of my priorities. I take my values seriously and surround myself with people who elevate me. Every day, I fill myself with gratitude.

I believe that “the greatest risk in life is not taking one”. A wise friend asked me what risk I’m taking now and it made me come to an important realization: I can’t change what can’t be changed, but this is my life; my time; and I better not spend another day being afraid to take a risk.

When was the last time you took a risk? What risk have you been afraid to take?


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Dr. Mishmish

MBA, MA. Have more fun. Worry less. Laugh more. Be good to yourselves & others. Grow, learn, and develop.

The greatest risk in life is not taking one.


  • I am from India. Arranged marriage is the norm here. My biggest risk was getting married to a person who I knew and spoke only once in person before getting engaged. Truth be told, I am happy that I took that risk 🙂