Move over Cronut and Doughssants, those hipster foodie portmanteaus. And even The SufganiyAtka mashup by Hadas Margulies from the Jew & The Carrot in the Jewish Forward.

And welcome the Latkaniyot latke / sufganiyot merger that I developed during Hanukka-Con (it is like Santa Con, but you visit delis and sample sales instead of taverns and bars.)

The Latkaniyot is lighter than Mark Bittman’s PotatoNik, and Melissa Clark’s Potato Latke, or Joan Nathan’s Latkes.

6.5 cups of potato flour
1.5 cups of shredded cooked potatoes
3.0 egg yolks
0.5 cups of vegetable shortening
0.5 cups of sugar
2.0 cups of scalded milk
2 cakes yeast

Blend the dry ingredients (flour, sugar) into the shortening. Add yolks into the potatoes. Add the blended dry ingredients into the egg/potato mixture. Add the yeast into the cooled milk. Gradually blend the milk into the combined mixture. Let this sit for 40 minutes and rise. Cut the mixture and let it rise again. Roll out the dough. roll into balls. Fry in hot oil like you would a latke or sufganiyot doughnut. Serve with sour cream or applesauce.

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