Vanity is not one of the seven Noahide laws. It’s not even one of the seven deadly sins – sort of. Vanity is considered a subset of pride. But when Dutch painter Hieronymous Bosch depicted a table of the Seven Deadly Sins, for “pride” he painted a bourgeois woman admiring herself in a mirror held up by a devil. Which brings us to another Vanity – a short, dark comedy by and featuring Samantha Jayne who spends most of the film communicating with a seemingly evil mirror! She tells us that the film is about

… the absurdity of female competition over men and obsession over appearance – all centered around an insecure 20-something girl… That girl, by the way, is me. I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ to Reform Jewish ‘rents, made out with all the boys at Jewish summer camp for 6 years, and now I’m a writer/ actress in LA, kvetching about the fact that they have no clue how to make bagels out here… Anyway, I hope this film will help women realize that they shouldn’t self-critique and be impacted by the crazy ideals of beauty – but rather love and accept their bad ass selves! I’ve always loved the freedom of expression and acceptance in our culture. Glad I was able to make a little movie about it.

It’s a fun romp and we hope to see more of Samantha in the future! Oh and by the way Samantha? They don’t know how to make bagels in or near New Jersey either. Omnia Vanitas!

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