Are you aware of that hubbub, that tempest in a kosher for Passover teapot over Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) U.S. presidential campaign website?

The web designers behind Rand Paul’s campaign website made several special icons for his supporters. One was for “Italian American for Rand”, and there were others for Christian for Rand, Farmer for Rand, Doctor for Rand, Catholic for Rand, Fisherman for Rand, and more.

There was none for ABD for Rand (All But Dissertation), or Muslim for Rand.

There is one for Democrat for Rand, but none for Republican for Rand, or Convicted Murderer for Rand. There is no Woman for Rand, or LGBT for Rand. But there is one for Nurse for Rand

For half a day, there was one for “Jew for Rand.” But some people and pundits took offense. Should it be Jewish American for Rand, instead of just Jew? It was changed to Jewish American for Rand.

I am here to say that that “Jew for Rand” was my Aunt Selma in Louisville Kentucky. Problem solved.

And people are always calling her a Jew, especially at the annual spiritual directors conference at The Galt House Hotel.

Updated page: Jewish for Rand

Updated page: Jewish for Rand

As The National Journal wrote, “Rand Paul’s presidential campaign team wants to make it very simple for you to show your support for the senator on your social-media platform of choice. That is, if you’re a runner, a nurse, a sportsman, a Nevadan, or a “Jew.”

Aunt Selma would show her support, but she doesn’t have a computer.

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  • Zvi Kestenbaum was a jewish kapo in the concentration camp in debrecin he was accused of murdering 23 jews, after the war he lived in America in williamsburg NY