Visiting Israel makes you more likely to support the Iran Deal?

58% of those who never visited Israel support the Iran Deal.
48% of those who visited Israel support the Iran Deal.
44% of those who visited Israel oppose the Iran Deal.

Last week, a Pennsylvania based polling firm, commissioned by The Los Angeles Jewish Journal surveyed 501 Jewish respondents over the phone and asked them about their attitudes on the proposed American-led deal with Iran, the sanctions, and Iran’s nuclear future.

If the survey’s sampling* and measurements are accurate, the results show that there is a divide between the positions of major American Jewish groups, such as AIPAC and the network of Jewish Federations and the majority of American Jews. If this is reality, then most American Jews want Congress to approve the Iran Deal as of last week.

Rob Eshman, the publisher and EIC of the Jewish Journal, wrote that The “L.A. Jewish Journal sponsored the survey in order to provide a precise, thorough portrait of American-Jewish and national opinion at a time of intense concern and debate. Our hope is that the numbers and analyses presented below will provide a better understanding of how this crucial sector views the controversial deal between the United States, Russia, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Iran.”

American Jews are more likely to support the deal than the general population.

A synopsis of the results are:

American Jews: 49% support, 31% oppose
All respondents: 28% support, 24% oppose

American Jews: 53% approve, 35% reject
All respondents: 41% approve, 38% reject

Jewish respondents had mixed views regarding the outcome of the Iran Deal. Only 42% of Jewish respondents are somewhat confident or very confident that “this agreement would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons over the next 10 years or so.” 54% are not so confident or not confident at all. 49% think the deal will make Israel more endangered, but still 53% support the deal.

Liberals: 72% support, 18% oppose
Moderates: 43% support, 44% oppose
Conservatives: 9% support, 81% oppose

Democrats: 70% support, 20% oppose
Independents: 37% support, 49% oppose
Republicans: 10% support, 77% oppose

Yes: 48% support, 44% oppose
No: 58% support, 30% oppose

Among those who have never been to Israel, support for congressional approval wins 58-30 percent. But it also wins, albeit more narrowly, among those who have visited Israel: 48 percent to 44 percent. In fact, among those who say that they are “very attached” emotionally to Israel, 51 percent want Congress to approve the deal, versus 38 percent who oppose such action.

Safer: 98% support, 1% oppose
More Endangered: 20% support, 69% oppose

This final question shows that 98% of those who say that Israel will be safer, are supporting the deal. But 20% who deal Israel will be more endangered, still support the Iran Deal. Actually, American Jews – even though they understand that Israel will be more endangered – support the Iran Deal..

Steven M. Cohen, the director of the poll, wrote, “But even with their misgivings, Jews overwhelmingly think that, in retrospect, the idea of the U.S. conducting negotiations with Iran was a good one (59 percent) rather than a bad one (19 percent).”

*Interviews were completed Thursday July 16th to Monday July 20th. The methodology is HERE.

To see the questions in a sample survey, click HERE.

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  • Maybe most American Jews are in favor of this treaty, but not all. I am an American Jew, and I do not believe FOR ONE SECOND THAT IRAN CAN BE TRUSTED TO HOLD UP THEIR END OF ANY TREATY!

    Do not forget that Iran’s government is notorious for being a direct and indirect sponsor of international terrorism, is a country with one of the worst human rights records on the face of the earth, and treats the female half of its population like cattle.

    Going ahead with this deal and lifting the economic sanctions on Iran will make this world a far more dangerous place; it will NOT make it safer, mark my words!

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