Some people hate the shit out of white Jew rapper Lil Dicky. Heems, aka Himanshu Suri, a member of now-defunct hip hop trio Das Racist, called Lil Dicky “white trash” in a heated twitter exchange. Drew Millard, a writer for Vice Magazine’s Noisey, called him an “asshole” declaring that his interview with Lil Dicky was the most “excruciating” of his career. Of course there are also always going to be people that will hate on anyone who is white and dares to rap. What they are saying is that unless you are from an urban jungle and started off your career as a violent, drug dealing criminal, you can’t be a real rapper. Never mind that the biggest audience for rap is decidedly white and decidedly suburban.

And lets not forget the bling! You can’t be a successful rapper if you are not surrounded by bottles of Cristal champagne, expensive cars, expensive women and name brand everything! That sort of over the top conspicuous consumption demonstrates the extent of one’s rap prowess! It also demonstrates what a fiscal idiot you are. I mean, fancy cars? That’s a depreciating asset. In fact, all the exterior accouterments of a fancy shmancy successful rapper are fiscally stupid. That’s why it’s no surprise that Fifty Cent recently declared bankruptcy. Whether this is a real bankruptcy or just a move designed to counter some nasty lawsuits, he joins many rappers who have gone broke like Lil Wayne, Lil Kim, Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Nas, Lauryn Hill, MC Hammer and on and on.

Lil Dicky’s newest $ave Dat Money off his upcoming album Professional Rapper may riff off of stereotypes about Jews being cheap and all, but the advice remains nonetheless actually good.

You ain’t heard of Lil Dave, Yung L, The Jew Biz Major?
Fuck you know about the world he raised in?
I’ve been savin’ money since a motherfucker thirteen
I wear the same pair of jeans everyday
Free sandwiches, homie, two stamps away
Book flights in December but I leave in May
Drugs are generic but still works the same
I get login’s for Netflix from my cousin Greg
Thanks Greg!

The advice throughout the track is legitimately solid. I mean never mind the whole “kike” thing. Rappers could do well to follow Lil Dicky’s advice. Remember, this is the guy that raised $1 million on kickstarter from his fans to fund his new album – which is dropping at the end of the month. Just sayin…

h/t JewTube

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