1. She’s Compassionate

A girl with a dog, or any pet, probably loves animals. She’s likely warm, and has heart. These are good characteristic to look for in any person, plus you get to see your lady’s warmth radiate as she loves another creature.

2. She’s Nurturing

Most women have this quality, yet often times dismiss it or fear letting it shine. A woman who not only loves another creature, but truly takes care of her pet, has all the right tools to nurture a family and help it grow and develop.

3. She’s Active

Having a dog requires lots of movement. They need exercise, and even a few walks a day means she’s getting of her tush at any time, day or night, to get her little friend outdoors.

4. She’s Patient

Her puppy pees on the floor, bites her toes, barks for attention…until fully trained, a dog requires a ton of work. A girl who’s able to provide has this valuable trait, one not to be taken for granted.

5. She’s Chill

Dogs make mistakes, even when they’re not puppies. A girl who deals is pretty cool. Plus, dog people do chill things like go on hikes and road trips, because if doggy is happy, so is she. She’s probably also independent, because she can’t cling to you or anyone else when she has her pup to take care of.

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  • But what about a girl who wants a dog but can’t have one strictly due to circumstances?