Once you go kosher, everyone else will be gauche’r

Concord, Massachusetts-based Welch’s, a grape juice beverage purveyor and cooperative, tried to go kosher* once, but did not experience the results it desired and discontinued the product. In 2016, Welch’s will partner with Manischewitz and sell a co-branded kosher 100% grape juice product.

Although Welch’s dominate the 100% grape juice marketplace with nearly 60% of dollar market share, the market is shrinking, and Kedem dominates the American market for kosher grape juice. The co-branded juice and sparkling juice are expected to complement Manischewitz’s kosher product line, which includes Passover matzoh and sweet wines.

Ike Kim, Welch’s Senior Brand Manager – Bottled Juices, said his firm is looking forward to penetrating the market for kosher juice. Kim, a graduate of SUNY-Buffalo and Maryland is also a published author. CEO of Manischewitz, David Sugarman is happy that his company will sell a grape juice product – plus, unlike the market leader, it will be organic and not contain sulfites. Sugarman is a graduate of the Seymour Schulich School of Business in Ontario. Both Ike and David have been with their firms for less than a year.

Will this lead to a Coke-Pepsi-like war during Passover 2016? Let’s hope so.

* Note: By “kosher,” I mean it will be certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union. Based on one’s traditions, the grape juice has been kosher, being produced by an automated process, just not certified by the O-U.

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  • I’m all for having more choices come Passover next year, especially if this new product will be organic with no sulfites!

    Mazel tov!