Oh those revenue generators at the NYC MTA Subway offices.

They smartly rejected a subway ad campaign that maligned Muslims, but recently accepted a campaign from Amazon to promote its original web series about an America that went fascist. They say it conforms to their transit ad rules. Yes, some people just love rules. The new MTA advertising standards call for the MTA’s ads to maintain “a safe and welcoming environment for all… customers.” What better way to say WELCOME than with a rising sun and Reichsadler eagle. At least it is not a swastika.

I can understand having posters to promote the series in subway rail cars. I thoroughly enjoyed Philip Roth’s novel, The Plot Against America, about a fascist America. I am sure I would enjoy episodes of The Man in the High Castle. But I am disturbed by covering an entire subway train with fascist symbols.

Just think of the passengers that survived fascist regimes. What will this ad campaign trigger in them? Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese, Pilipinos, and other Asian Americans who endured rising sun fascism; Jews, Romanis, former Soviets, Poles and other Americans who fought European Nazis.

sybway2Amazon and their ad campaign managers are smart. They probably hoped that this subway campaign would create controversy and create free viral publicity for the series. Who cares about feelings when there is money to made. Just as I am posting this in the hopes of generating page views. Two can play this game.

MTA spokesmodel Adam Lisberg said that this subway shuttle (S Train) vinyl wrap ends on December 14, last last day of Hanukkah. Thanks Mr. Lisberg.

I did not get a chance to contact Richard Sauer (braten?), General Counsel of OUTFRONT MEDIA, about the campaign. Amazon’s advertising campaign was arranged through OUTFRONT Media.


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