Jewlicious will occasionally accept submissions from various writers. Sometimes these submissions are great and often, we don’t publish them because they suck, or don’t meet even our loose editorial standards or they are advertorials for yet another Judaica shop or commercial venture. Every once in a while though, we get something so random that, well, we just have to publish it. You may have already seen day 1. Here’s the pinup for day 2! – See more on day 1 and day 2.


So who is this Lisa that keeps sending us Hanukkah pinups? I’ll let Lisa tell you in her own words:

I was born in Winston-Salem North Carolina.
(my father was in medical school) My dad was drafted at the end of Vietnam to the Marine Corps Based in Camp Pendleton.
I’ve lived in many places all over the United States San Diego, Miami, Orlando, New York City, and now I call Minneapolis MN home.
I was raised Jewish and bat mitzvah at age 13.
Giving and helping others is not selfless, it is my joy in life. Thru volunteer work with heels for combat boots raising money for veterans with PTSD and my love of art I make recycled art & clothes using recycled fabrics paint & wood.
I’m not a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon.
I’m saving the world one beautiful photo at a time !!! Living life with hope & humor !!
Love lisa

Happy third day of Hanukkah Lisa and everybody else!

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