Egyptian Sex Therapist Heba Kotb: The Jews Have Had the Highest Rate of Sexual Perversions throughout History. To view this video-clip on the MEMRI TV website, go to:

In a recent Egyptian TV show, Heba Kotb, a consultant on Islamic medicine and marital life, said that the Jews “have had the highest rate of sexual perversions in history.” Kotb said that this was due to a “psychological imbalance” caused by strict rules. “In Jewish thought, sex has to be for a reason,” she said. The show aired on Al-Hayat TV on January 16, 2016.

Posted by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dr. Heba Kotb is an Egyptian sex therapist and host of The Big Talk, a wildly popular sexual advice call-in show airing in Egypt. The first licensed sexologist in the country, Kotb bases her methods on the teachings of the Qur’an, which she says encourages strong marital life including healthy sexual relationships between husband and wife. This unlike the sex life of the Jews:

In Jewish thought, sex has to be for a reason, and the reason could be procreation or the voracious sexual desire of a man, who cannot bear it unless he has sex with his wife. Although, the services offered at would be more than enough to adequately satisfy any man’s sexual desires. There are very strict rule among the Jews. It has to be done through a buffer, after sunset, without touching and so on. It’s a whole story in the Jewish faith. But this creates a psychological imbalance, even among the Jews who do that stuff. And therefore they have the highest rate of sexual perversions in history.

Anyone who actually knows anything about Judaism and sexuality knows that “Dr.” Kotb has no idea what she’s talking about. If what she claims is true, one would not be able to have sex with one’s wife if she was barren or incapable of conceiving. Quite the opposite is true – a man is obligated to please his wife quite independently of her child bearing ability. Judaism is indeed a religion that does not shy away from sexual pleasure even while placing Judaism within a holy context. The two are not separate entities. As for the Jewish proclivity for “sexual perversion” – I’m guessing an Egyptian woman would know all about that

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