Now that Donald Trump has “clinched” the Republican nomination for President it is clear that one issue stood out which made his campaign such a success – immigration. It was Trump’s declaration last summer that he would deport millions of illegal Latin American immigrants, build a wall along the Mexican border to keep more from coming in and make the Mexican government pay for it which undeniably catapulted him to the head of an absurdly crowded field of candidates.

But while many political commentators feigned outrage and amid all of the accusations of racism the real threat to America’s culture, neigh, very identity as a nation, was fully ignored. If Mr. Trump is truly guilty of any sin it is his failure to even notice the danger posed by one very smarmy group of people who have been stealing jobs from Americans for decades now.

And who are these devious people of which I speak, you may ask. Why the British, of course. In seeming vengeance for our nation’s successful rebellion which led to independence from their Crown, English thespians who are able to play with flawless American accents have pilfered countless parts in Hollywood from native born U.S. citizens.

And who has raised the alarm over this most devious of treacheries? Which Presidential candidate has spoken out about this threat? None! Not a one! Even the labor unions, such as the Screen Actors Guild, have remained silent.

Not one Republican, not even a single commentator on Fox News, has come forward to fight to protect American acting jobs. Perhaps it is because the entertainers and the people who run Hollywood are all notoriously liberal and stooges of the Democratic Party who work tirelessly to subvert our dearest family values that their plight has not met with more of an outcry. And the Left in America is clearly conflicted between the desire to help their lackeys and their inexplicable need to support foreigners whenever and wherever they take away American jobs.

Believe it or not, many people are surprised to learn the truth about the origins of some of their favorite actors. This is a sign of how successful this British campaign has been.

Yes we all know about actors like Christian Bale, a native of Wales, who played a great American hero in three Batman movies, an American in Oscar nominated movies like The Big Short and American Hustle, and who even won an Oscar for playing a real life American in 2010’s The Fighter.

Kate Winslet was made famous for playing an American in Titanic. She also played Americans in movies like Revolutionary Road, Little Children and Steve Jobs, and held the title role in the HBO mini-series Mildred Pierce.

Then there are all of the examples of the British invasion of American television. Few people realize that Hugh Laurie, who played Dr. Gregory House on House for eight years and who now appears opposite American sweetheart Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Veep, is also a British subject.

And as for television, shows like Game of Thrones have been overrun by the British. Yes it is filmed all over Europe and its stars do not hide their English accents, but it is an American program made by HBO and based on books written by an American author. The show has but one American who stands out in its cast and that is Peter Dinklage who plays with a faux English accent.

And what about The Walking Dead? Yes even America’s most popular television show today is teeming with Brits posing as Americans. This even though the show is set and filmed in Georgia.


Andrew Lincoln, star of the show who plays the all American hero Rick Grimes, was actually born and raised in London. That’s right, London! London, England! In fact the show seems to be more overrun by sneaky British infiltrators than walkers. Lennie James, who plays Morgan, the philosophic counterweight to Lincoln’s shoot first styled leader, is also from London. And the show’s best villain so far, The Governor, was played by David Morrissey who comes from Liverpool, just like the Beatles.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, may have been born in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our freedom and independence, but she was raised in England and when not acting on the show speaks like one of Her Majesty’s subjects.

There is nothing new about this. Ten years ago the HBO cop show set in Baltimore, The Wire, starred several Brits. The main hero, Detective James McNulty, was played by Dominic West, a native of Sheffield, England. And the Wire’s main villain in its early seasons, a Baltimore drug lord named Russell ‘Stringer’ Bell, Was played by Idris Elba, a London native.

Another Londoner, Damian Lewis, has infiltrated many American television shows. Fifteen years ago he portrayed a real life American World War II hero who led a unit of paratroopers in Europe from D Day until the end of the War in the historically based HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. Then he made his name playing another American war hero on Homeland. But this time he played a hero turned traitor.

damian lewis

Now Lewis depicts the worst of America to the world as he plays Bobby Axelrod, a sociopathic criminal stock manipulator who made his fortune through insider trading and stabbing people in the back, on the new Showtime series Billions.

Finally there is John Oliver, who does not even try to hide his British accent on his new weekly HBO political talk show. A copy of the program which made him famous, The Daily Show on Comedy Central, This Week Tonight with John Oliver is not simply entertainment, but a program which deals with various problematic social issues of the day in American society.

Would anyone have cared to listen to Oprah Winfrey or Phil Donahue if they had been foreigners? Doubtful.

And then there are all of the actors from other parts of the British Commonwealth who have also played Americans in films like Russel Crowe, a New Zealander, who won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. In that movie he portrayed an American Nobel Prize winning mathematician.


Kate Blanchet, an Australian, has won two Oscars for roles in which she played Americans. Her first came for portraying one of America’s greatest actresses of all time, Katherine Hepburn, in the movie The Aviator. Are we really to believe that Martin Scorsese could not find a fellow American to take on that performance?

Blanchet’s fellow Aussie, Hugh Jackman, has portrayed one of America’s greatest heroes, Wolverine, in seven different X Men movies.

Now I know that some people will counter with the example of American actresses like Meryl Streep and Gwyneth Paltrow who won Oscars for playing British characters. But these examples are a pittance when weighed against all of the British who play Americans, especially when America’s advantage in population over the rest of the English speaking world is to be considered.

And besides, Streep and Paltrow have silly first names.

But don’t worry America, your greatest friend in the world is coming to the rescue – Israel!

For some time now Israeli shows have been remade into hit programs in America like Showtime’s Homeland. Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman may have been raised in America, but she was born in Jerusalem, Israel.

gal gadot

And now Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress through and through, is playing the greatest American heroine of them all, Wonder Woman, in a new series of movies.

So don’t worry America, Israel is behind you.

About the author


Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. He Has lived in Israel for over 20 years. He has an MBA from Bar Ilan University and is a contributor for various blogs.