What is the formula for Jewish social media success? If you’re thinking “originality” or “creativity” then you’d be wrong. We are inundated with videos where the creators take a popular song, replace the original lyrics with Jewish lyrics and then have some Yeshiva University lookin’ mofos sing and dance while mugging very earnestly for the camera. Don’t get me wrong, even that takes a certain measure of talent, but gosh darn, it’s boring. And predictable. It’s the Momification of social media – like, remember when your Mom got her first email address? She’d be sending you every chain email thing out there, every cute kitten photo sent to her by a friend from book club or whatever. Now Moms are on Facebook and if they don’t “like” every single pro-Israel video posted by every single pro-Israel Facebook page then the terrorists will have won. The content providers are guided by those most likely to “like” and so we have a barrage of safe, cutesie boy band videos as well as images and other “viral” content that lacks any subtlety or nuance. In the meantime, your kids are on Snapchat sharing dick and tittie pics far from the prying eyes of their parents.

That’s why I appreciate clips like this. I don’t know a lot about Wilson Kriminal. He’s a musician from Panama and most of his clips are sung in the style of Reggaeton with lyrics in Spanish and Hebrew. I sure don’t understand most of it but I discern a certain measure of Jewish pride, love of Israel and a fun outlook on life. “Jewish Boy” is a song from Wilson Kriminal’s 2015 album “Un Poquito de Todo” – “A Little bit of Everything” (available on iTunes) which includes awesome Jewy tracks like “Rak Tabili Bakbuk” – “Just bring me a Bottle” as well as “Habal al Ha`zman” – “What a Waste of time” and “Erev Tov” – “Good Evening.” These will never become conventionally viral because Wilson Kriminal does not look like he graduated from YU. He’s a good Jewish boy but like others from his neck of the woods like say, Simja Dujov or Atzmus, he’d scare the shit of your Mom.

But that’s what we need more of. Stuff that inspires, that challenges and that, yes, scares the shit out of your Mom. I mean, fuck, do you listen to your Mom’s music? Do you hang out with your Dad’s friends? Why settle for their social media content? Ugh. Anyway, here’s a selection of Wilson Kriminal’s other Jewy videos. Enjoy!

Este Jewish Boy puede cantar en reggae indeed.

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