What a campaign!

Tic Tac and Skittles had to issue statements after the Trumps used them in less than glowing ways.

I will stick to Elite candies… or even a Crembo.

But on a less sweet taste… was it just me, or did other readers notice the Trump codewords to his far right (or alt-right, or irredeemables) ?

Blumenthal, Blumenthal, Blumenthal
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
George Soros
Jonathan H Gruber (a fave of American neo Nazis)
Warren Buffett (some moronic neo-Nazi sites think he is a hidden Jew)

Seems a tad odd to name so many Jewish-sounding names in ninety minutes.

I don;t think Rudy coached him on this, or else he would have thrown in Howard Koeppel

A tic-tac can’t freshen that mouth up in this case.


On a separate note: If ten irredeemables enter a synagogue on Yom Kippur and atone… are they redeemable? What about if just one does?

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  • Larry, As a that list of Jew I’m appalled at that list of Jews’ corruption and their amoral stances. Is that anti-Semitism? It is people like them who give our enemies ammunition. Trump, who has an ORTHODOX JEWISH daughter and therefore Jewish grandchildren is no anti-anti-Semite.