My Hanukkah Playlist

First, I go to Party City to buy a new Latka spatula.

I then look for my old blue and white plush Hanukkah elf cap (see photo above); and I make sure that the potato latka cuisinart is not on recall.

But it is.

I then check YouTube for the latest Hanukkah parody songs by the Maccabeats and 613. Both did Hamilton takeoffs. But you have to agree that the Maccabeats wore their Hamilton-style costumes better.

I then check to see if FILHARMONIC (Pitch Perfect) or JAMES CORDEN has done an A Capella or Carpool Karaoke Hanukkah song.

They didn’t.

But TECHNION made a new video for the festival:

And Jimmy Kimmel’s Jewish writer, Gary, wrote the following painful parody: the Chanukah Unicorn and Dreidel Dog

Speaking of a recalled Cuisinart, LENA DUNHAM’s (and Hearst’s) LENNY MAGAZINE has a LATKE recipe in which you do not have to peel your Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes. Gabi Moskowitz of BrokeAss Gourmet < a href=""> shares her recipe HERE. In her opinion, “You can keep your jelly doughnuts, Hanukkah gelt, and Hanukkah cookies. For me, there is no Hanukkah food — nay, holiday food — that even comes close to a plateful of lacy-edged, crispy latkes with sour cream, apple sauce, and maybe a little smoked salmon.”

Speaking of Brokeass… I then check TARGET and other sites for the latest in ugly Hanukkah Holiday Sweaters. Tipsy Elves, which was co-founded by Attorney Evan Mendelsohn and was funded by Shark Tank has a line of holiday sweaters, too. They also comment on whether friends should go into business together. A Hanukkah miracle.

Then, to get into the spirit of the holiday, I read through the latest Hanukkah miracles and postings, like this one from Dallas on the American Jewish Joint JDC and an American Jewish man’s perspective of Ukrainian Jews; or The New Orleans Times Picayune’s Ann Maloney, who has a recipe for Rabbi Gerald M. and Cyrille Kane’s “Las Cruces Potato Latkes with green chile.”

and then there is the miracle of The Schlep Sisters:

And then I am prepared and ready for the meaning of the solstice and Hanukkah

Jag Sameaj

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