Israeli actress Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. The live broadcast was shown in on Israeli television, and her opening monologue included a segment in Hebrew in which she that “This might be a huge mistake … in every sketch they have me eating hummus” … and that the writers thought she really was Wonder Woman.

The opening is below:

A segment where she has a blind date with a freshly released from prison O.J. Simpson is below:

Last month, for TBS, Gal Gadot appeared in the following sketch with Conan O’Brien during his visit to Israel and the West Bank.

In other news about SNL, although sketches and the News Update segment have joked about the sex abuse and antics of President Donald J. Trump and national media stars, the broadcast was silent about Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of three decades of sexual abuse. According to sources at NBC and a rehearsal audience, there were Weinstein jokes in the News Update and a sketch, but they were removed before broadcast. Lorne Michaels, the show’s creator and long time Executive Producer told the Daily Mail (UK) that the jokes were removed because it is a “New York Thing. ” Others said they were removed because they elicited few laughs in rehearsal, although that was disputed by one audience memeber. On the other hand, the News Update did include a segment featuring a Nortorious RBG character (below).

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