It is here once again, the Wednesday before the week of Passover, the day that many North American publications publish the latest Pesach recipes, and imahots around the world break out their best Jewish Passover Tablecloth, and of course it’s time for our annual Jewlicious recipe round-up.

We begin, as in every year, with the article by the matriarch of recipes: Joan Nathan.

Joan Nathan reports from Carpentras, France, in northern Provence. It is 70 miles (112 kilometers) from Marseille, and just East of Avignon. Ms. Nathan writes that in 2018, the synagogue, built in 1367, will hold a seder for about four dozen souls. The congregation’s seder traditions include salmon tagine and a feast of vegetable salads. (You can also sneak out to Pizza Bonici at 27 Place de la Juiverie).

Nathan adds that when the synagogue was built i nthe fourteenth century, the town was not part of France, but was inside Comtat Venaissin, a papal state, where Pope John XXII welcomed refugees. The town, which was then 10% Jewish, was known as “la petite Jerusalem.”

Her recipes are … wait… before we talk recipes, I hope you read the article which introduces us to Ms. Gilberte Levy, who discusses how her ancestors baked coudoles in the carriero, using the Shuadit words for matzo and ghetto, respectively. Shuadit is the Judæo-Occitan, or Judaeo-Provençal or Judeo-Comtadin mostly extinct dialect of the Jews of Provence.

Okay.. her recipes are for: Provençal Veal Breast Stuffed With Swiss Chard and Provençal Haroseth for Passover. The haroseth recipe dates to the 13th-century and uses nuts and Mediterranean fruits (raisins, apricots, apples, chestnuts).

Also in The Times, today, is a recipe from London’s famed Chef Yotam Ottolenghi for Spiced Maqluba with Tomatoes amd Tahini Sauce, as well as a recipe for Turmeric Rice with Tomatoes. Is it for Passover for those who consume rice? Perhaps. He doesn’t say. Melissa Clark (A Good Appetite) wrote about chocolate oatmeal, and David Tanis wrote about udon noodles.


Speaking of oatmeal, Samantha Fudawee in The Wine Spectator shares a recipe from Paula Shoyer. Her recipes are for “Salmon and Avocado Tartare” which replaces gefilte fish; “Coq au Vin Blanc” which of course uses a Kosher for Passover white wine’ and “Chocolate Quinoa Cake” which is both KOP and gluten free, and uses potato starch and orange juice. These are not taken from Paula Shoyer’s Passover book but from her latest cookbook, HERE.

Samantha also recommends nine Kosher Wines for Passover. Among them are LE MACIE DI M. PELLEGRINI Chianti Classico Terra di Seta Riserva 2012 (93); TABOR Adama II Storm Galilee 2013 (90); and FLAM Syrah Galilee Reserve 2014 (89). One for under $20 is RECANATI Cabernet Sauvignon Upper Galilee 2015 (89).

Susan Barocas, writing for The Washington Post (but click here at The San Francisco paper to see it for free gets all eggy. Her recipes are for “Leek and Potato Egg Casserole (Quajado),” “Spring Egg Drop Soup” (a good way to use up some of the egg yolks generated by all the whites used in Passover baking), and “Mocha Chip Meringues.”

Ruthy Bodner, writing for The Bergen Record of Northern New Jersey shares recipes for Pesach cake, pizza, and rolls She makes a “Toll House Cake;” “Hartstein Family Passover Rolls” (which are no different than how my family did it decades ago); and “‘Fauxmagine’ on Cauliflower Crust (Lachmagine)” …(although I doubt you will find a bottle of Kosher for Passover General Tso sauce); and “Cheesy Cauliflower Crust Pizza.”

The Boston Globe features almond brittle. Karoline Boehm Goodnick writes that you need a candy thermometer and a pot with a heavy bottom to accomplish this Writer Sheryl Julian writes about the more accessible Matzo frittata with lox, eggs, onions, and ricotta. A primer on fluffy Matzo balls is HERE.

Comedian Carol Leifer – who says she has a nice tuches – made a video for PETA (below) about VEGAN PESACH RECIPES. Their recipes are for VEGAN Matzoh Ball Soup, Gefilte “Fish”,
Rainbow Israeli Salad, Kugels, Chopped “Liver” Spread, Creamy Pesto Quinoa, Matzo Meal Pancakes, and Chocolate Matzo Brittle

Noreen Gilletz at The Canadian Jewish News talks Haroset “that you cannot Pass Over” and shares recipes for three styles: Moroccan, Portuguese, and Syrian. They are from Jennifer Felicia Abadi’s cookbook, Too Good to Passover: Sephardic & Judeo-Arabic Seder Menus and Memories from Africa, Asia and Europe

Joni Schockett for Boston’s The Jewish Advocate focuses on chocolate desserts for Passover. While Shannon Sarna, at the neighboring Nosher / MyJewishLearning, shares a recipe for Chicken Schnitzel. Shannon’s book on Jewish baking can be found HERE There is a rumour that Sarna’s dog, Babka, changes its name during Pesach to be less chometzy. The Nosher also has a Kosher for Passover recipe for Puppy Chow

ChicagoNow – part of The Chicago Tribune family – has a peculair recipe from Sharon Matten for Hawaiian Chicken with Cauliflower Rice… and… canned Passover Macaroons I believe the Hawaiian refers to the pineapples, and not that it uses SPAM (it doesn’t). Sharon, who writes gluten free recipes, has many other ideas for canned macaroons. For example, check out her SHREDDED CARROT KUGEL PASSOVER MUFFINS

The Orange County Register has no recipes, but it does highlight a book all about matzo by a famed matza heiress

GOOP has posted some recipes with their West Coast attitude. Most are from Claudia Roden and include ones for Mina de Espinaka (Matzo and Spinach Pie), and Saluna (Iraqi Sweet and Sour Fish). Also there is one for Uncle Morty’s Gourmet Matzo Brei, but the Morty in the title is the uncle of fiml firector and executive producer Steven Spielberg …by way of Joan Nathan, of course.

Sara Moulton’s brisket recipe for The Washington Post can be found in The Cape Code Times Her recipe is titled, “Red Wine-Braised Brisket With Aunt Rifka’s Flying Disks” (flattened matzo balls). Bonnie Benwick tested them. Moulton is the host of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” a public television show.

Speaking of brisket, BON APPETIT magazine featured MAMALEH’s BRISKET in a recent issue. (It is based on the eatery in Cambridge Mass).

SAVEUR MAGAZINE, features a CHOLENT essay and recipe on its front cover this week, but as for 2018, it did not post anything new YET, except for these Oldies but Goodies

FOOD & WINE magazine, also, has dozens of Passover recipes, but nothing new posted yet for 2018

COOKING LIGHT magazine features an Orange Almond Cake for Passover from Ann Taylor Pittman and Brierley Horton.

The CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS features a recipe for Cauliflower Sushi for Passover.

The Sun-Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun feature nearly a dozen essential recipes for Passover including ones for Gefilte Fish in a White Wine Broth and Classic Passover Baked Whitefish With Dill and Tomato-Cucumber Relish

Leite’s Culinaria adapts a Passover Brownies recipe from a self published cookbook by Orly Ziv HERE And Mount Airy North Carolina News publishes a cake recipe which they say is “more or less” kosher for passover HERE The chocolate cake uses Quinoa (and baking powder).

Serious Eats features several 2018 recipes for Homemade Preserved Horseradish, Traditional Ashkenazi Charoset With Apples and Walnuts, Roman-Jewish Fried Artichokes (Carciofi alla Giudia), Jewish-Style Braised Brisket With Onions and Carrots, and Braised Brisket in Apricot and Cranberry Sauce.

Gail Rosenblum and Sharyn Jackson talk or actually FACE OFF ON Matzo Balls for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The topic is: Sinkers or floaters?

The Atlanta Jewish Times skips the seder meal and goes straight for liquids, highlighting Kosher for Passover Patrón for the seder and for Elijah.

Diane Rossen Worthington for The Orlando Sentinel and other Tribune properties recommends some Paula Shoyer recipes, including one for “Salmon and Avocado Tartare.”

The DELI MARKET NEWS – I subscribe, don’t you? – reports that DANNON YOGURT is returning with a Kosher for Passover certification in 2018. Sergio Fuster, President of the U.S. Yogurt Portfolio for DanoneWave, said that they are partnering with Adeena Sussman in order to create new Passover yogurt recipes, like… dipping matzah in yogurt and spreading yogurt on matza, or topping a kugel with yogurt. I JEST. The recipes include those for CHEESY-ARTICHOKE SPINACH MATZA DIP, Chocolate-Pecan Matzah, and Springtime Avocado Matzah…. the Avocado Toast Without the Toast.

Linda Morel of the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona shares here breadless Pesach recipe for Passover Granola.

Barbara Lewis, writing for Detroit’s JEWISH NEWS obtains the coveted recipes of West Bloomfield’s Chef Hunny (Honey) Khodorkovsky, including ones for CHEESECAKE WITH DULCE DE LECHE; RICE OR QUINOA BOWLS; EGGPLANT DIP (with both eggs and eggplants); and Dulce De Leche with Himalayan pink salt.

Steven Fries at the New Haven Register in Connecticut shares Passover recipes from Yeshiva Me’on HaTorah of New Jersey, “A Taste of Pesach 2: Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results (Artscroll Press)” for Spinach Potato Nests; and a new style of Matzo Kugel that uses carrots, onions, celery and mushrooms.

Kara Eldler for VARACIOUSLY in The Washington Post has posted “5 of our favorite make-ahead Passover recipes.” Included are VEGAN MATZO BALLS, and Mazzagna Verde – Matza Lasagna.






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