No. Not posting the pics. You can google them.

DC COMICS published the latest issue of their darker Batman adult series, DC Black Label, and in two frames, it shows Batman’s penis.

His BatMember.

100,000 issues were print initially; reprints will not contain the penis drawings. What was initaiily priced at $7 for each comic book is now selling for $40 in Manhattan.

In the issue, Batman: Damned No. 1, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Lee Bermejo, the caped crusader tries to solve the murder of the Joker as he strolls in his Batcave … raw.

He is circumcised, and according to an unnamed mohel, the work can be attributed to a well known Gotham City mohel.

Is Batman Jewish?

No, but his parents may have used a Jewish mohel at the time of his birth to perform the in-hospital circumcision.

The character of Batman (or Bat-Man) was created around 1939 by Robert Kane (Bob Kane) and Bill (Milton) Finger, both circumcised men of Jewish heritage.

Bruce Wayne, the character who is Batman, is a flexible Episcopalian.

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