Jake, a newly minted man, had a party for his becoming a Bar Mitzvah in the lower Chelsea section of Manhattan at TAO which featured some dancers from the Knicks City Dancers and singer-performer-former-adult-club-dancer Cardi B.

A NYC tabloid conjectured that Cardi B’s performance cost the young man’s family half a million U.S. dollars.

The party was partly catered with pizzas from Artichoke Pizza, a chain where I once, in a moment of insanity, waited in line for over an hour for a boring slice.

Cardi B. wrote on Instagram, “Bro, I just left my first bar mitzvah. I just did a bar mitzwah for this cute little boy called Jake. Epic,”

The event designer was @anthonytaccetta; and the venue posted a lovely video of Jake – in his white shirt and black kerchief – with Cardi B HERE


Uptown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian Wing, Ryan L., the son of Cantor Fitzgerald’s CEO Howard Lutnick (who has known immense sadness and loss in his life due to 9/11) — celebrated life at a party that featured a performance by “Rich the Kid.” Richie cost perhaps only half the price paid to Cardi B. Caviar Kaspia was one of the featured caterers of this simcha.


“Go from your land, from your birthplace and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you.” … a labnd that I will show you… indeed.

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